The research for this site was commissioned by the Julian Assange Defence Fund’s (JADF) Committee to Defend Julian Assange. The site was previously named SwedenVersusAssange.com: ’Sweden Versus Assange’ (SvA) is the formal name of the extradition case in the UK magistrate’s court. Justice for Assange will be a one-stop-shop for information about legal processes against Julian Assange and by proxy, WikiLeaks.

This is a guide to the events, investigations and court proceedings that are connected with Julian Assange’s extradition and of proxy attacks on WikiLeaks via its founder and publisher. This guide is the first to map out the legal aspects of the UK extradition cases, the controversies surrounding the Swedish investigation, and societal and political reactions in Sweden. The guide is an archive of information that is in the public domain.

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2809 days under house arrest.

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