2010-08-14/15 AA Party


AA hosts a crayfish party at her flat, attended by Donald Boström, Johannes Wahlström, members of the Swedish Pirate Party, and several of AA’s close friends.

This should go in somewhere but I’m not sure where. From DB’s testimony about AA.

’Anna’s comments when she actually rings me and says, it wasn’t true, what I said before, we’ve had sex. [...] And then she adds that, right on this theme as I say, uh, I was fucking proud, got the world’s coolest guy in my bed and living in my flat.’

So this seems long after the fact, long after even the crayfish party, and AA is telling DB she’s been lying all along - and most importantly: she’s still chuffed she landed the big WikiLeaker. No hint of objection to anyone’s behaviour. It’d be great if we could pin this conversation down to a date. But we can already know it’s most likely 16 August at the earliest.

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